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What if You could Transform your life around in 99 days?


Your Life

Your Future 

Your Habits



My Epoch Challenge is a coaching program designed to transvigorate your life.


Have you lost vision for your life?  Your dreams no longer carry any emotion nor passion?


You are frustrated and agitated at your life?


You once had this strong drive and you achieved many things in your past but it feels that you are no longer achieving anything anymore.


Your co-workers, business partners or supervisors don't seem to see your value or what you bring to the table and you may have even lost trust in them?


You know that you have a whole life ahead of you and yet you feel tired, exhausted or drained. You desire to get back to where you were.


We don't decide our Future. We decide our habits and our habits decides our future.


You have habits in your life that are not supporting your goals, dreams, and vision and you cannot seem to break them. You have tried to create habits but never achieved it or being successful. 


91% of people fail at transforming their lives while only 9% succeed. 


My EPOCH Challenge is a program that helps you become part Of the 9% of people WHO succeed and "Transvigorate" their life.


Let me ask you, how many New Year Resolutions have failed in your life? How many times have you tried losing weight and ended up putting more weight on? How many times have you have you tried to break thru your level of income and just could not? Are you frustrated with your career, position or just not getting ahead as you planned? 


Many people's lives have been radically transformed through the  "My Epoch Challenge" program.


Through weekly group phone and video conferences, we will establish goals, formulate habits, and discuss highly specific systems, tools, and strategies that will elevate your career and level of income to the level you are capable of.


I personally invite You to set up a free call with me to chat about your life and how you could take your life to the next level through some small adjustments........Speak to Kurt! 


This call could result in a complete life transformation for you. Go to www.meetme.so/Kurt2 to set an appointment to chat to Kurt.



"I am Brendan John and I have just completed this program and it has been worth every single second. This program has changed my life. I want to thank you Kurt from the bottom of my heart. Your energy, knowledge and your experienced has changed my life and it is going to change other people’s lives"  - Brendan John 


"I came into the program when I was feeling lost and I did not know where I was going in my life, this program gave me clarity" 
- Carlos   Antimo